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PermaLife SoftStuff

For Playgrounds


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Why not use the safest play surface available on the market today specifically designed for your playground... PermaLife SoftStuff.

This innovative new product will keep your kids safe while saving you money. Have you noticed that new brilliant color underneath the playground equipment in a backyard or school in your neighborhood? Chances are that you're looking at PermaLife SoftStuff. 

Recycled rubber playgrounds are changing the way people think about playground surfaces. PermaLife now offers a better product for playground use... PermaLife SoftStuff, the safest, most economical rubber play surface for backyards on the market and it Comes with a 5 Year Replacement Warranty!

SAFETY FIRST!  PermaLife SoftStuff provides that extra margin of safety and offers Moms and Dads a greater peace of mind by making the playground not only a fun place, but also a safe place, for kids.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission provides extensive analysis of playground injuries, and their causes. They found that more than 200,000 children go to US hospital emergency rooms with injuries associated with playground activities.

Each year, more than 200,000 children go to US hospital emergency rooms with injuries associated with playground equipment.

Most injuries occur when a child falls from the equipment on to the ground. Many backyard play sets are placed on dirt or grass surfaces that do not adequately protect children when they fall…alternative surfaces…including synthetic surfaces are recommended.” 

 source: CPSC

PermaLife SoftStuff, for playgrounds, is an environmentally-friendly playground safety surface protecting children from playground bumps and bruises and more serious injury by cushioning their falls.

PermaLife SoftStuff is a colorful clean alternative to traditional playground surfaces, with remarkably good drainage characteristics. It acts like sand but is much softer on little knees and unlike wood mulch, it lasts much longer and holds its vibrant color.  PermaLife SoftStuff will not cause splinters, attract insects or animals and it will not stain children's clothing.

PermaLife SoftStuff is made from recycled tires and uses the same level of product innovation as our commercial-use Pour&Play. SoftStuff is manufactured using a "Several Steps Forward"  traditional processing to create the safest backyard playground surface on the market.


Tires are converted into recycled rubber in several different ways. Generally producers manufacture their playground surfacing material from a process of abrasion (ambient process): Tires are first shredded and granulated, and then put through a process using magnets to remove the metal wire which is placed in tires during their original manufacture.  Our competitors manufacturing  process may eliminate most of the exposed wire, but not all of it, setting a standard which is insufficient to protect our most precious resource, our children.  

The PermaLife SoftStuff goes through several additional processes to remove 99.89% of the exposed metal which is found in other recycled rubber marketed for this application.

PermaLife SoftStuff is the only playground brand that includes an additional manufacturing step to give you that extra margin of safety for your playground or play set.

After cutting a tire into small shreds, the material goes through a series of granulating processes, which reduce the size of the shreds to 1/4 inch granulates.

Because each of the three components of tires (rubber, metal wire, and thread) must be separated to produce a superior product, this PermaLife process cleanly separates the three.


We then separate the resulting material using screens, magnets and vacuum systems, thereby isolating a - inch rubber pellet that is 98.89% free of exposed metal wire.

Finally, the product is then coated in one of six vibrant colors with a unique polyurethane-based coating, which is non-toxic, color-fast and abrasion-resistant. The product is then packaged and delivered to schools, community playgrounds and residential back-yards, so children can remain safe while at play.

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"We are just thrilled with our new PermaLife mulch. We received it in no time and were amazed how quickly we were able to cover all the areas we needed to with it...

Manny & Renee Lawson

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